Videos & PR

Watch our program featured on ABC7 Chicago’s Heart & Soul Show.

Program students at Reavis Elementary introduce themselves and give you a taste of their talent.

Broadening a child’s horizons is one of the most essential components of personal growth and development. The Voyage™, a built-in component of our program, is an outing whereby students are tasked with collecting and processing information to produce a desired result based on their interpretation of what they see, experience and feel.

Students receive a refresher briefing while on The Voyage™.

CounterPoint student gives a sneak peak of a new song he's working on...

FML's CounterPoint Music & Life Program student performs for a CPD event.

See below for our coverage in the news and media.
For press inquiries, contact us via email or call (847) 456-9700.

WLTH 1370AM “The Think Tank”  w/Theodore McClendon

Gapersblock Interview  w/LaTonya Williams

WKKC 89.3FM Chicago “The Wendell Young Show”


3 Responses to Videos & PR

  1. Discovered your web blog via bing the other day and absolutely love it. Continue the fantastic work.

  2. LaTonda Tates says:

    I watched the Heart & Soul segment, and I am truly impressed! What a wonderful program!! It has the potential to set a young talented person along a positive path, and it also exposes them to different aspects of the industry which they may have been previously unaware. From that exposure, they learn something truly of value – they have options! That broadens their career possibilities. I think having the opportunity to work with mentors benefits them tremendously as well. To see someone else doing what you may want to do helps you see that your dream can become a reality. That might be the motivation needed to pursue that dream. From what I saw, I think this program surely gives the students a boost in confidence, expands their minds, and provides a broader vision of how their talent can be used. I would say they even develop skills that transcend the music industry. That is truly awesome!! Good seeds are being planted in these kids. Now they just have to take root and grow! Once again, I am very impressed Morris!

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