Program Outcomes

Teenagers benefit from our program because they:
• enjoy being in a program that actually caters to THEIR interests
• can participate in a positive alternative to negative influences
• get the opportunity to learn about the industry and showcase their talents at their school and/or city-wide events
• gain knowledge of self, build confidence and learn how to elevate their self-esteem
• join a pool of peers with the same interests
• develop friendships with other students beyond their immediate school/environment
• have access to more positive adults and industry professionals
• get the opportunity to work with music industry personnel and receive hands-on training both inside the classroom and at events

Organizations/Schools benefit from the partnership because our program:
• assists with balancing of a student’s academic and social development
• teaches business skills and entrepreneurial acumen
• helps retain student interest in general education and the school itself
• nurtures a student’s entire self-concept which helps reduce negative behavior in school, at home and in the community
• utilizes modern, unconventional approaches to attract, teach and ensure content retention and application of learning
• aligns with and reinforces core education curriculum goals in Reading, Vocabulary, Math and Critical Thinking subject areas

Parents embrace our program because it:
• Reduces PCAS (Parent Concern for Afterschool Stress) by having their child(ren) involved in a positive program during high crime/drug/alcohol/sex teen activity periods between 3-6pm. That time is doubled during summer months.
• strengthens the parent/child relationship on a more personal level
• reveals a child’s innate talents or skills that they may not have otherwise been aware of
• is a safe, positive outlet for their child(ren) after normal school hours
• gives their child a chance to be mentored by positive and successful FML Ambassadors (mentors) outside the home/immediate family
• includes them as an important component of their child’s success in the program and welcome their participation/involvement


2 Responses to Program Outcomes

  1. Roslyn Joshua says:

    My name is Roslyn Joshua I have a teenage son who is showing interest in the music industry. How can I sign him up or how he get involved. He’s a 15 year old freshman at Mount Carmel High School

    • cpmlpadmin says:


      We are trying desperately to reach as many youth as possible through schools and neighborhoods. As a parent, you can certainly introduce our program to your school Principal and I will have someone reach out to Mount Carmel as well. Until then, you can give your son my information and have him call me directly. I would love to provide any guidance I can to assist him in developing his talents.

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