The Follow My Lead Youth Music & Life Foundation (FML) is committed to the development of our youth via the arts. Your donation will help ensure teenagers, especially from under served communities, have the opportunity to be taught, mentored and given a platform to expose their talents to the world in a positive way. We believe that every child, despite their circumstances, has innate talent and deserves to be provided creative outlets and other alternatives to the school band or choir.

FML is on the front lines, offering services to those who need it most. By supporting us financially, you are directly extending your hand to teenagers and affording them the opportunity cultivate their talent. Whether $1 or $1,000, every dollar counts and is humbly appreciated.

Our Projects

Project 1:   Save Our Youth Summer Fundraising Campaign

The issue: There’s no denying that teen involvement in unsavory activities are heightened during the summer months. This is attributed to longer days, more free time (much of it unsupervised), limited access to programs, lack of jobs and so many other factors.

So what we’re doing is: FML has launched the Save Our Youth Summer Fundraising Campaign to conduct four CounterPoint Music & Life Programs throughout the city of Chicago on the North, South, East and West sides of the city to extend accessibility to as many teenagers as possible.

The Goal:
• provide a safe haven for our teenagers
• keep them actively engaged in a positive, challenging program
• keep their minds sharp during non-school months via the academic components of our program

Project 2:  FML University
The issue: Our program is currently at the mercy of school/government budgets and/or funding, which inhibits our ability to reach thousands of youth who could benefit from our program.

So what we’re doing is: FML has initiated plans to open the FML University in the year 2013.

The Goal:
• provide a more robust curriculum
• expand our focus and capacity
• create jobs
• provide programs in-house and within schools and other organizations

Our Commitment

FML committed to making your donation secure and private.
FML will not share your contact information with any other party.
FML is committed to getting the most out of every donation.

How Can You Donate?

FML accepts donations by credit card, check, or Paypal. You can also make a monthly contribution, which helps us even more. Donations made after March 24, 2010 are tax-deductible. Contributors receive records of contribution for tax purposes.


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