FML Ambassadors

One of the reasons some of our youth never reach their full potential is simply because they do not have positive role models in their lives they can actually see, touch and relate to.  They have the will – they just lack access.  They are encouraged to dream of being things that they really can only imagine being, because they are not connected to tangible individuals, who in reality, are what they hope and dream of becoming someday.

The Follow My Lead™ Youth Music & Life Ambassador mentoring program deposits successful, positive individuals from all professions into teenager’s lives. Our belief is that if we connect a child’s surreal world with reality via a physical person, we can positively impact the ratio of those who simply dream, versus those who actually start to live their dreams.

Follow My Lead™ Ambassadors work hands-on with the students, sharing their stories and experiences, assisting with lesson topics and form healthy relationships with students.

Follow My Lead™ Ambassadors (FMLAs) are positive, professional and successful adults. They are lawyers, doctors, performing artists, entrepreneurs, parents, college students, designers, scientists, teachers, consultants, firemen, actors, musicians and so on. They span the demographic spectrum and come from all walks of life.  But more importantly, they all share one common bond: they genuinely care about our children.

Join Our Team!

FMLAs volunteer to serve in various direct and indirect capacities, in two major areas:

Front Line (Direct Involvement)

Guest Speakers/Presenters – Individuals who visit schools to mentor, speak, read to/with the students, etc. There is minimal involvement and more than likely, it’s a one-time contact with students.

Mentorship Team – Individuals who are more involved and commit themselves to the program and connected youth on a more consistent basis. They have more direct and hands-on involvement with students and also assist with planning, event assistance, etc. * Minimum background check required. *

(Note: Whether involved as a one-time speaker or part of the mentor team, all FMLAs adhere to the same standards of professionalism.)

Support Staff (Indirect Involvement)

For individuals who really want to contribute but for some reason cannot be directly involved with the students due to scheduling conflicts, location, etc., there is still an opportunity to be a FMLA and contribute to the program in the following areas:

  • Public Relations – ensuring the general public knows about the wonderful things we’re doing through press releases, blog site updates and social media sites
  • Marketing – designing flyers, posters and other promotional materials in accordance with our brand standards
  • Event Planning – assisting with the planning and execution of events and logistics

Follow My Lead™ Ambassador Listing
Angela Kilpatrick – Lawyer
Arden Warner  – Scientist
Ashley Bodden – College Student
Carolyn Dimmick – Photographer
DeBorah Wells – Manager, Chicago Bulls Ops
Greta Pope – International Entertainer/Author
Jason Mayden – Nike Shoe Designer
Kenneth Brent – Truck Driver
Kevin Perkins – Music Artist
Lillie Crump – Ret. Police Commander
Lena Hatchett – Doctor
Michael Turner – Fireman
Nicole Jones – Entrepreneur/Author
Regina Brent – Ret. State of Illinois Advocate
Tina Nance – Talent/Event Consultant

Interested in becoming a Follow My Lead™ Ambassador?  Click here to email us!


2 Responses to FML Ambassadors

  1. Charles says:

    I heard you on “The think tank” with Theo McClendon. I thoroughly enjoyed you on the show and found you to be very enlightening. Look up Rap Group R.T.B.Y.M. on iTunes, Rhapsody, Your program seems to be what is needed in our inner city communities. Thanks for being on the show and sharing.

    • cpmlpadmin says:


      Thanks for listening in to the show! I appreciate the support and will certainly check out your crew as well. Good luck in all your endeavors. – Morris, Founder

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