FML Staff

Morris Brent – Founder
Chicago native Morris Brent served over 12 years as a highly accredited Cryptologist in the United States Navy. While on special assignment as a Recruit Division Commander at the Great Lakes Naval Training Base, he was awarded the Master Training Specialist designation and personally responsible for the transformation of over 1,200 recruits from varying ethnicities and backgrounds, into a unified ensemble of Sailors. He completed SIU Carbondale’s accelerated Workforce Education & Development Bachelor’s program while on active duty, exited the military in 2001 and went on to become a Learning Technologist Consultant Manager at several Corporate 500 companies including Kraft, Grainger, Abbott Laboratories, HSBC and others. Morris became an entrepreneur in 2008 and is now the Founder of the Follow My Lead Youth Music & Life Foundation, a business development marketing consultant and Chicago Public Schools S.M.A.R.T Program facilitator.

Lillie Crump-Hales – Officer
Lillie Crump-Hales served over 29 years working in Law Enforcement for the Chicago Police Department. She worked her way up through the ranks as a Police Officer, School Officer, Youth Detective, Investigator for the Mayor’s Office of Municipal Investigations, Sergeant, Tactical Lieutenant, Captain, Acting Commander of the 22nd District (Morgan Park) and Commander of 003 District (Grand Crossing). During her tenure she was responsible for bringing the community together in a 1000 man march, and many innovative programs for youth, such as the Chicago Youth Leadership Academy. She holds a BA from Northeastern Illinois University, and an MBA from St Xavier University, Chicago, Illinois.

Lena Hatchett, PhD – Officer
Lena Hatchett, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology. Dr. Hatchett received her Ph.D in Social and Health Psychology from State University of New York Stony Brook and her post-doctoral training in Community Prevention Research from University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Hatchett also serves as the Director or Community and University Partnership for the MPH program. She has many years teaching and research experience to reduce health disparities among ethnic/racial minorities in the US and Africa. Her primary public health research interests are in community-based approaches for chronic disease prevention and the promotion of physical activity.

Regina Brent – Officer
Regina Brent has been heavily saturated in the fabric of Illinois public service for nearly 40 years. She served four different State of Illinois Attorney Generals for 25 years as an Advocate for the Citizens of the State of Illinois. She was a public servant of the City of Chicago, Department of Health, Senior Clerk for (CDC) Center for Disease Control, tenured servant for 14 years. She holds an Educational General Studies degree from the College of Du Page.

Terrence Grady – Officer
Terrance Grady is currently an Assistant Vice President in Commercial Banking at Seaway Bank and Trust Company based in Chicago Illinois. Since the age of 15, Terrence has been involved in banking and has worked for Harris Bank as Private Wealth Management Intern, and LaSalle Bank (now D/B/A Bank of America) as a Cash Management Sales Associate for three years and completed a one year Management Operations Trainee program. In 2003 Terrence joined the Seaway Bank and Trust Lending team and has learned to lend consumer products such as unsecured and secured loans, home mortgages, land loans and automobile loans. Terrence currently as a Assistant Vice President in Commercial Banking, lends specifically to small businesses, corporations, churches, individual investment properties, investors, start-ups, and has had experience in construction lending.

Email us to inquire about having any of our FML Officers visit your organization to speak with the youth.


4 Responses to FML Staff

  1. Theo The Thinker says:

    Enjoyed our talk. I look forward to working with you.

    Peace and Blessings,


  2. Lisa Johnson says:

    I was looking for an email address because the links werent working for me….I think this is an awesome gift that you are giving the youth and I would love to assist in any way that I can. I can be reached at

  3. Wanda J Bishop says:

    Thank you for sending the email link about this awesome initiative. As a musician , I am very interested as one of my personal goals is to assist others in the improvement of the quality of life. How may I be of assisstance to this organization?

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