Who We Are

The Follow My Lead Youth Music & Life Foundation® is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating youth and young adults as generational leaders via modern music culture and the performing arts.

Our Mission
To positively impact the lives of youth by using modern music culture to reinforce fundamental education and intrapersonal development.

Our Vision
Our vision is that we can provide every teenager who has a passion for the music industry, with the proper education, opportunities and leadership to tap into their creative souls and utilize their innate abilities and talents to change the world.

Our Values
Our Beliefs

  • Music and performing arts is an engine for positive social change worldwide.
  • Every teenager, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or religion deserves opportunities to reach their full potential.

Our Practices

  • We deliver the highest quality of service to all those who use our resources.
  • We build partnerships that help us fulfill our mission.
  • We recognize diversity as an asset essential to accomplishing our mission.
  • We preserve our credibility by remaining independent and objective.
  • We build talent, and excellence within communities and overall social sector.
  • We embrace non-conventional approaches, innovation and entrepreneurial minds.
  • We exercise fiscal responsibility as a means of achieving our mission.

How We Deliver
We engage via three major areas of operation: (1) Youth Leadership, Development and Mentoring, (2) Youth Entrepreneurial Event Creation & Management, and (3) our flagship effort, the CounterPoint Music & Life Workshop that guides the passion of teenagers who have a non-conventional interest in music via an enriching curriculum that includes rigorous classroom instruction, exploratory and developmental learning, mentoring and exposure to industry opportunities.

Students pose for a group photo after rehearsing the award-winning Raw Footage band. They received hands-on instruction and training on vocals, bass, lead guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard, percussion (drums), DJing and performing basics.

But it’s not just about music and entertainment.  More importantly, our students ultimately learn how to apply the fundamental knowledge, reasoning, critical thinking and sound judgement making ability required of someone in the entertainment industry, to all other aspects of their lives.

We simply draw from their passion for music, to ignite their passion for life.

Program features

  • Classroom instruction with tailored learning objectives
  • Exploratory outing experience via The Voyage™
  • Talent development sessions with artists/musicians and other industry professionals
  • Performing opportunities at city events
  • On-the-job training in a real-time environment
  • Peer-to-peer and adult mentoring via the Follow My Lead™ Ambassadors program

Students are tasked with challenging the status quo, thinking on a broader scale and using their talents to become leaders in their homes, schools and communities.

What We Believe
Although urban music is an extremely positive art form, most teenagers unfortunately have been encouraged (particularly the media), to emulate the more negative aspects of the culture. Therefore, they tend to pattern themselves after socially unacceptable behavior, particularly seen on television (i.e. Flavor of Love show, MTV/BET music videos).

Teenagers become interested in the notion and message of fast wealth and unproductive activities that music videos and lyrics advocate. Parents do not understand the phenomena, teenagers rebel, a disconnect is formed and a pattern begins to emerge.  So begins the cycle…

We develop promising teenagers from all demographics through a positive curriculum, professional staff and inspiring environment. The mission of the Follow My Lead Youth Music & Life Foundation is to transform the mindset; to counter the effect of negative influences (media, cultural conditions, peer groups) and point their understanding in a positive direction through guidance, leadership, education and the application of learning.

Why such a non-conventional approach?
Because times have changed – and now we must change, too. The current arena of young adults face very challenging times far different than generations of the past. Society of today is like none other, propelled by various factors such as the profound impact of technology and social networks, mixing of cultures and global competitiveness.

Considering the CounterPoint Music and Life Workshop for your school, church or organization?  Email us or call today.


24 Responses to Who We Are

  1. John Baron says:

    Now this is a program that truly makes sense. This should be looked at by all schools that could use help with improving thier environments. I will promote this for sure.

  2. Michelamon'e Whitaker says:

    I am so ecstatic that there is a program like this. So much of our art and music programs are being removed from the schools that it makes no sense…..Music is truly the key to tying things together…..What a wonderful choice to use it to tie our communities and our children together……

    I am so proud of you Morris and crew….. keep up the GREAT Destined work….. Be Blessed!

  3. Toni E. says:

    The concept of a music and life program is ingenious. I wish the program continued success. To Morris, those involved up front and behind the scenes, thank you for your altruistic vision for the young world.

  4. Christyn F says:

    Phenomenal program for youth, as well as whats typically considered “urban” entertainment. Any program that provides the youth with hope for a future beyond anything that they may have previously considered and most likely, have been exposed to is great (especially when programs are being cut). I’m truly excited to see what fruits will come from this, 5 or 10 years from now!!

  5. Hey I would like to support! I am not on the music scene, but I would love to have the opportunity to speak at one of your workshops! I am off on Fridays and Saturdays, please let me know what I can do!

  6. Pilar N. Jones says:

    This website was shared with me through a friend. And it instantly put a smile on my face:) I am a person that truly believes that music plays a big part (influence) in our children and even grown up’s lives today. So to use it in a very positive way to help grow is awesome. Please send me any information on ways to help keep this going, cause it is very much needed.

  7. Regina Brent says:

    I wish you and your program much success. Once upon a time, our history was to determine our destiny. Unfortunately, we have failed ancestors and our youth by not giving back to the community. Hopefully, we can get back on the right track and and reverse the negative actions into a much more positive society. Thank you, your staff, volunteers and participants for these efforts. Put God first, the rest will follow.

  8. Carolyn Dimmick says:

    Mo, this is a GREAT thing to be involved with. I cannot tell you how empty my life in school would have been if I didn’t have Orchestra and Chorus to get involved with. Those were some of the best times I ever had and ALL children need to be exposed and involved in the arts…whether they be music, painting, writing, etc. It is VERY important. If you need my help, let me know.

  9. Patrice Adkins says:

    This is GREAT, if I was in the Chicago area I would definitely love for my girls to be involve. Before I relocated from Chicago, my girls went to a music school in the lakeview area (Norhtside). I wish you the very best with this program it is much needed. God Bless you =)

  10. Angie Kilpatrick says:

    Morris, just wanted to say I’m am first and foremost very proud of the positive man you have become. The decision to get involved in young people lives is a daunting path that most chose not to follow, but you have went in head first and I applaud you tremendously. Hopefully, this program will provide a positive outlet for youths to express themselves instead through all the negative influences they see on a daily basis. Keep it going, even when you seem tired, keep pushing!!!

  11. Erika says:


    I think you’re awesome, wise, and quite noble for reaching out to the youth. You’re making a real difference, that some of them will never forget you for. I’ll be sure to stay informed of your events & etc…I wish you the best in all of your endeavors , and I’m Happy that God let our paths cross! 🙂

    Sincerely, Erika

  12. Yvette R Moore says:

    OMG this is such an AWESOME thing that your doing with the youth! Music is the key to the soul and there is so much more to the industry beside just singing and rapping. Performing arts is such a great way to motivate and encourage the youth. Your teaching, guidance and cultivating is greatly needed in every community. I commend you for your dedication toward a greatly needed cause.

  13. Liz says:

    this is great for communities throughout Chicago. pure Brilliance.
    -add the burbs to the agenda ok? next stop–> (BHS) Bolingbrook High:)

  14. Latoya Culpepper says:

    This is just WONDERFUL! I wish you guys much success.

  15. Queen~ says:

    Go F.M.L 🙂

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